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Nitro Geek was formed in 2012, out the desire to provide quality products with a nerdy/geeky feel to them.

Nitro Geek started out with some basic idea of silk screening some fun shirts at the kitchen table and has evolved into using state of the art equipment to engrave on glassware, wood and acrylic. Although some prefabricated items are provided by Nitro Geek to the general public, we pride our selves upon offer high quality handmade items. Sometimes it would be easier to purchase pre-made goods, but we love the feel, small and end result of our products and are more than happy to stand behind them 100%.

We also offer services for Business & Corporate, as well as Wedding & Bridal Party Gifts!

Stick around and grow with us, you never know what you’ll find!

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Laser etching possibilities are endless! Whether you’re wanting a gift for yourself, wedding gifts or corporate events, glassware makes for a useful and timeless gift.
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